About Us

We are a visionary company based in a small town in NY. One aspect our team shares is the love for food, and a satisfaction in exploring and enhancing any edible item.
What we do is keep an eye on the latest global food trends and commit to take it to a new level.
The Boba bursting balls trend started in the Oriental region, and is now rapidly moving to the US and Europe. What are Boba balls you ask? They are edible translucent spheres with fruit filled flavor inside. The bubble balls are a cooked and sweetened version of tapioca balls, rendering them ready to eat. Different flavoring is added to give each option a unique taste. 
When you go to a Boba café, all they offer you is Boba tea. When purchasing one of the Brexonic containers, you know you can use the balls for anything you like! Desserts, drinks, foods, yogurts, etc. You're expanding your options and upgrading simple everyday foods to delightful dishes!
 Quality is our priority. We take extra care that from start to finish; while in production, and all through delivery, everything is done to perfection. So when it reaches your pallet, you are confident in your purchase.
You will want to imbibe in the natural goodness, and share the discovery with friends, family, and loved ones. 
If you have any questions or concerns our staff is on hand to assist you until your satisfaction is guaranteed. 
What our experts noticed while testing other companies' Boba balls is that the plastic-like exterior of the balls remain in the mouth and stick inside the teeth. With much determination and trial & error, we have created the element of perfection. The Boba Balls completely dissolve in the mouth, with no remnants lingering!
As well as its smooth composition, the balls are the perfect size so it doesn't get stuck when drinking with a wide straw. We have seen that this is a big no -no that bothers consumers and we have perfected it.
You can buy our wide straws full package to give you the ultimate Boba experience.
While in the past the Boba balls were too sweet and sugary, leading to unhealthy consumption, we now offer you a more natural and fruitful version. We use less sugar, and more flavor. Less garbage, and more fruit!
To understand the Boba experience, you need to taste it!
You will see for yourself what people are talking about. You will understand the latest craving phenomena. You will feel the sensational bursting flavor in your mouth, and the sweetness that has become the talk of town.